At Adder Hill, we believe that we are only stewards of our planet and environment. We are responsible for the world we live in and that, part of our mission is to have zero impact on the environment hence the Green Project.

Policy Statement

Adder Hill is a company with a mission to help change the way people live their lives and treat this planet with our ecologically viable products. We strive to achieve environmental excellence with our employees, customers and suppliers from all parts of the world.

Adder Hill affix it’s commitment through its principle “environmental concern is an important management resource”.  We signify this concern by “going GREEN” – by providing safe, high quality and environment-friendly products and services. We understand that our business activities impact the earth and its resources thus, we support these values by delivering the following benefits:


Treating our associates and communities fairly, as well as saving the environment and improving health with clean air and water.


Implementing innovative programs and practices that reduce energy and in turn, expenses, or generate new revenues from sustainable products and services.


Conserve the earth’s resources and our natural environment by recycling, reusing and reducing the consumption of resources.

The Green Team

Promoting environment awareness and educating people on sustainable operations and practices are part of our primary values as responsible corporate citizen. To realize this principle, the Green Team have been formed to oversee the development of policies and strategies, facilitate the sharing of best practices and coordinate initiatives across the organization. The team also monitors the company’s carbon footprint, environment policy compliance and progress of Green Project.

The Green Team includes representatives from each department across the Company, including global partners. The goals are to achieve best results, both locally and globally.  Tactics, strategies and practices are regularly shared in various reports to communicate results.

The Green Focus

Water Usage and Consumption

Adder Hill prides itself with ecologically viable product like the Atmospheric Water Generator, a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. It is the company’s primary goal to eliminate the use of bottled water thereby reducing and stopping the rapid increase of landfill.

Energy Conservation

Adder Hill is dedicated to reduce energy consumption through implementation of policies that help increase awareness and develop innovation and energy-saving alternatives. To support this goal, all Adder Hill offices are using energy-saving bulbs and computers with energy-saving settings.

Recycle and Re-use

Adder Hill implemented policies and adopted practices to reduce the amount of paper and plastic waste, hence, substitute printed correspondence or reports with emails and re-using scratch papers, paper clips and box files.

Spreading Awareness

With the initiative of the Green Team, staff are educated on the significance of the Green Project and environmental awareness. The Marketing and Sales Strategy of the company fully emphasize the environmental concern with the promotion of an environment-friendly product, spread awareness through biodegradable corporate giveaways, educate the masses and clients on environmental issues and their impact on our natural resources and disseminate information regarding water scarcity and reducing carbon footprints of companies through advertising collaterals such as flyers, presentations and brochures.

Community Involvement

Adder Hill is already promoting products which are beneficial to the community, the Atmospheric Water Generator, which not only save the populace from paying too much out of bottled water consumption but also save them from high energy costs. The positive example that the company set reach far beyond the local level as it is committed to participate in the environmental programs of the city or country and tie-up with green organizations towards initiatives such as plant trees and outdoor clean-up drive.


Adder Hill employees and partners around the globe are constantly developing and applying innovative ideas, strategies and tactics that will inspire other people and companies to do the same.

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