Market Research: Report & Analysis.


Market research Methodology

The market research data was gathered during the 4th week of September and 1st & 2nd weeks of October, through a combination of:

  • Questionnaires, 450 respondents filled in the questionnaire.
  • 5 in depth interviews. Each interview lasted around 30 minutes and was asked a range of questions on environment related issues, and for their views and opinions on various green issues within Europe and Middle East. These in depth interviews were used to validate the responses received from the questionnaires.
  • Focus Group, attendees debated a number of key points in relation to the environment and green issues. The first part of the focus group dealt with general environmental and green issues while the 2nd part dealt specifically with ADDER-HILL Machine.
  • Water taste tests conducted at the Green Middle East exhibition during 15th -17th October, in addition to a participant water taste test conducted during the focus group session on 15th October and shopping centres across Europe. 

Water Taste Test

Respondents water preference…   Analysis…
  • Total sample size for the water taste tests was 445.
  • Taste tests were conducted over 3 days at the Green Middle East exhibition and during the focus group and across Europe.
  • Overwhelming preference for water generated through the ADDER-HILL Machine.
  • Respondents said it tasted lighter, it was smoother in the throat, and it tasted fresher and purer and also left no after taste.

Overwhelming number of respondents preferred the taste of water developed through an ADDER-HILL MACHINE than the bottled water as provided.
Comments from respondents who preferred the ADDER-HILL MACHINE water included:

    • “The water tasted lighter”.
    • “It tasted fresher”.
    • “It tasted purer”.
    • “I found it smoother in my throat”.


The Environment

Are you concerned about the state of the environment on a global level?

Concern over the state of the environment, in % of respondents…   Analysis…
  • Total sample size for the water taste tests was 445.
  • Taste tests were conducted over 3 days at the Green Middle East exhibition and during the focus group and across Europe.
  • Overwhelming preference for water generated through the ADDER-HILL Machine.
  • Respondents said it tasted lighter, it was smoother in the throat, and it tasted fresher and purer and also left no after taste.

What are the main environmental issues you are concerned about?

Main environmental concerns… Analysis…

Domestic waste management which relates to waste generated by households and how the disposal of this waste is managed is the number 1 environmental issue for 29% of respondents.

The effects of global warming and changing climates across regions is also of concern, specifically with harsher winters and hotter summers, in additions to more frequent storms.

In terms of energy conservation it is in terms of how we can reduce our electricity consumption, using more fuel efficient cars and developing alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Water conservation and water scarcity only appeared 4th on the list of main environmental concerns. There are stark differences in environmental concerns amongst the genders.

Top 3 environmental issues of concern respondents…   Analysis…
  • Domestic waste management also includes disposal regular waste such as boxes, newspapers, electrical appliances, clothes etc. not just grocery and food items.
  • Global warming and the effects of global warming featured high on environmental concerns shared by women.
  • In relation to energy conservation, the majority of male respondents were referring to the development of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, reducing the overall reliance on oil.

Other areas of concern included reduction of the carbon footprint and deforestation. Water conservation featured fairly low on the list of environmental concerns amongst men

Majority of respondents at Green Middle East showed concern for the state of the environment. However as it was a “Green” exhibition this was to be expected. I think a more realistic representation can be gained from the figures obtained from the focus group and general respondents away from the exhibition. Based on this it seems there is almost an even split amongst respondents, with a slight tilt in those that are concerned.  With the on-going economic crisis and increased unrest around the world, many respondents indicated they have “far more pressing issues to worry about”. 

Domestic waste management and recycling, Global warming and energy conservation / alternative energy seem to be the main focus in relation to environmental issues.

There is a gender split in terms of focus on environmental issues. Females seem to be more concerned about environmental issues that also cross over as health issues such as air pollution and water management. In comparison male respondents are more concerned about domestic waste management, global warming and energy conservation / alternative energy.

 Asian Sub-Continentals and those from the ex-Soviet block showed the least interest in environmental issues. While respondents from the other ethnic backgrounds demonstrated a greater awareness and interest in environmental issues.


Conclusion Summary

Green Initiative:

There is a general feeling that the “green agenda” is not at the forefront of people’s minds in the UAE as compared to Western Europe. However momentum is slowly building, environmental issues and the “green agenda” will start to gain pace with the UN World Energy Summit (Oct) and UAE Energy Forum (Jan 2013) seen as key events to stimulate progress. Here is an opportunity for Adder Hill to position ourselves as championing environmental causes and green issues through regular PR initiatives to become the leading voice for the environment in the UAE.

Carbon footprint:

I am not sure how many people actually understand the concept of carbon footprint. However it sounds catchy and people are jumping on the brand wagon. Are companies actively engaged in activities to reduce their carbon footprint? I don’t think so. Some international companies have a green strategy / initiative in place, however many local companies in the UAE have no idea what this involves. Simple acts such as reducing the amount of paper is used in the office, or switching to LED lighting, turning of the power on all electronic devices, or discarding the water coolers in favour of an ADDER-HILL MACHINE are all ways of reducing a company’s carbon footprint. We should consider setting up a green consultancy division within Adder Hill who would be responsible for developing green strategies for local companies.

Environmental issues:

Domestic waste management/recycling, global warming and energy conservation are the top 3 environmental issues. While many respondents confirmed water is the Earths most precious resource, water & water management featured very low as an environmental concern. There is a disconnect that needs to be addressed. Adder Hill has an opportunity to champion the “water cause” specifically.


There is a strong preference for water generated through an ADDER-HILL MACHINE. It needs to be hailed as the most natural, purest form of drinking water available to date. We have the lab test results to back up our claim as well as public opinion through the taste tests. Our taste test provides conclusive proof that water from the ADDER-HILL MACHINE taste better.

Target market:

Based on the research data obtained, we should not be looking to target individuals. The focus has to be on targeting commercial entities, companies, clubs, medical centers, hotels, educational establishments. Individuals at present will prove to be a hard sell. Pricing while selling to individuals will be an issue, but less so in selling to corporate customers. Therefore Adder Hill focus must be on selling to commercial client and not individuals, in the initial phase.


PR and product placement is key. We need to promote ADDER-HILL MACHINE technology, not just ADDER-HILL MACHINES. The majority of our marketing spend has to be on supporting our PR activities. There are a number of key initiatives we need to adopt that will be supported through PR. Such as championing the ADDER-HILL MACHINE technology, product placement with key influential companies / organizations to obtain endorsements, championing educational programs as part of our CSR. The aim is to become the voice of “the environmental causes”.

A New Approach:

I believe based on the research data obtained we need to change our approach, and almost look at selling our ADDER-HILL MACHINES in a similar manner as new car dealers. We need to look at providing a sales package that includes an extended warranty and built in service contact. I would even recommend we negotiate with a bank to explore the possibility of offering a finance installment payment plan within 6 months.

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