Release date:  07th October 2014

Adder Hill Generates Pure Drinking Water out of Air
Adder Hill is a global specialty company that is committed to manufacturing new scientific innovation and technology in order to provide products that improve the value and life performance of the environment and the Earth, itself. The company is among the premier new technology business all over the world dedicated to improving the lives of people through latest innovation.

When Adder Hill brings innovation and people together, the company generates the next technology generation and things that a lot of people really need and want. These are significant innovations that aid people to enjoy life, live well and be healthy.
The primary focus of Adder Hill is to offer other water solutions, with keen attention in air to water-generation. The clients of Adder Hill range from companies requiring purchasing a consumer product (with almost 30 litre of daily water production), offering clean natural drinking water, to offering complete water-generating systems for a complete block of apartments or villa (between 100 and 1,000 litre on a daily basis), to industrial solutions (more than 1,000 litre).

Adder Hill envisages water generator solutions for semi-governmental, governmental and private organizations and public, industrial, commercial and residential entities supported by alternative power solutions delivering fresh clean water causing deep cuts to carbon emissions for the society. In addition, Adder Hill designs new water supply solutions with their professional developers and mechanical engineers in order to integrate air to water technology to back up guidance all over the whole planning and improvement process to maintenance and installation.

As a company, Adder Hill takes great pride in providing for the community and society. In addition, Adder Hill really cares about the environment and is satisfied with the various ways their employees work in order to safeguard it. The persistent efforts of the company in order to improve the secure working environment pay off. Adder Hill attained world-class performance for both Downstream and Upstream operations. Overall, Adder Hill is a green-energy business with the primary mission and goal of making a huge difference in the struggle against climate change. The purpose of the company is to transform the water crisis all over the world by offering innovative and new solutions when it comes to the water industry.

For more information with regard to the new and innovative water solutions of Adder Hill, please contact us.

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