Pure Drinking Machine for Commercial use

The Adder Hill commercial Machines are capable of producing between 100 up to 500  litres of fresh
and pure drinking water per day.
One of the greatest benefits of the Adder Hill machine is that it eliminates the need for bottled water.

Adder Hill CO100 Features & Specifications:

100 Liter per day   LCD interface
Cold Water Low power consumption
105 Kilograms 120h x 50w x 100d cm

The Adder Hill CO200 and CO500 are commercial air water generators that makes 200 ~ 500 Litre
of pure drinking water from air every day.

No plumbing or assembly, just plug it in and drink water.


Adder Hill CO200 Features & Specifications:

200 Liter per day   LCD interface
Cold Water ONLY Low power consumption
110h x 200w x 55d cm 200 Kilograms

An Adder Hill machine that needs no heavy water bottles and is environmentally more efficient than water purification systems and bottled water.

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